You’re flooded with monotony
as the unrecognized voice inside your head
reads this somewhat poetical excerpt
flashing against a glowing screen
that has been sitting under your nose for more than an hour.

“Another one of her tiring attempts” you’re thinking.
“She should probably just stop now”
“What is it, the ninth or the tenth, blogpost?”
“If she asks, I’ll just tell her I’ve read it. Maybe throw in some praises to make it sound remotely authentic”.

Go ahead, switch back to Facebook,
and see your friends checking into airports
as they fly off to exotic locations
to ‘enjoy’ life.

Now, jump to Instagram,
scroll and double-tap till your thumbs ache,
your eyes burn,
and your pinky fingers finally let your phone drop flat on your face.

Still have an ounce of energy left?
Go straight to Snapchat:
Get attacked by a flurry of blurry faces,
plunging necklines, receding hemlines,
shots and champagne gulps,
exquisitely plated delicacies.
Or maybe glimpses into perks of owning pets.

Bored yet?
Plunge into Pinterest.
Search ideas that you’ll never execute.
Save them nonetheless for ‘future references.

Now, how about you check the WhatsApp family group:
the one you’ve had on mute since the day you were added to it?
Scroll through all the 192+ unread messages:
Good-morning greetings, news, gossip,
Good-afternoon greetings, news, gossip,
Good-evening greetings, news, gossip,
Ah, meme. Let’s snicker? And send an emoji in response.
You know, just to let them know you’re still alive and here.
Good-night greetings on a background of stars and moon.

Well, then.
Turn over,
Pull the covering sheet all the way over your head.
Close your eyes.
Hear your phone ping on the quietest of volumes.
Repeat procedure.



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